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Please go to our covid page for health and welfare information.

Our building is closed until further notice because of the covid virus. We'll be offering teaching and support online from Monday 04th June 2020.

Times as follows:

Day Opening Hours Services Contact Number
Monday 10:00 -14:00 Answering calls, teaching, referring, and signposting. 07504542980
Wednesday 10:00 -14:00 Answering calls, teaching, referring, and signposting. 07504542980
Friday 10:00 -14:00 Answering calls, teaching, referring, and signposting. 07504542980

We will be using these services:

Working In Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Migrant Action is able to demonstrate its commitment to our partnership with ELSH and our collaboration as an effective strategy working together towards supporting ELSH student, vulnerable people and migrants in Barnsley during this COVID-19.

Elsh Appeal

People with the language barriers are facing financial hardship and becoming distressed with fear and anxiety. It requires skill and time to volunteer, sometimes it can be a complex situation which requires additional challenges.

ELSH Social Connection is the core to help our students and vulnerable people in our community to stay focus, connect and build confidence that can offer an aid to reduce mental health symptoms.

ELSH is trying to provide information about how technology can be used to support these groups. However, this will depend on individual access to smartphones, tablets, computers, internet and data. So, the cost could be a factor to the people we support in our community. In order to enable this connectivity, we are exploring what funding streams we may have access to.

We have planned ways we can stay actively connected. As we are facing the challenges of COVID-19, self-isolation increases, we are now finding the new ways to check in on one another for physical and mental wellbeing by contacting them via telephone, email and now using Zoom conference.

We are launching this appeal to local businesses, charities, funders or libraries willing to loan out IT equipment that is not being used. Lots of museums, musicians, theatres and artists are putting content online for people to watch or live stream via Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms to support people to develop their digital literacy so that they can get online and allow them to see and stay in contact with their family and friends on screen. Systems must be put in place to enable people to keep in touch.

This is "the five ways" to wellbeing framework

  • Connect

  • Be active

  • Be curious

  • Keep learning

  • Give time and Support

Your support will help individuals understand and incorporate wellbeing into their everyday lives during this Pandemic- COVID 19- Lockdown.

I can be contacted on 07540542980

Email florentine@elshbarnsley.co.uk