ELSH (Educational Learning Support Hub) is a Registered Learning Centre in England (Reference number UKLRP 10082610). We are a volunteer led group who coordinate the teaching of basic skills (including;  ESOL, Maths, Literacy and ICT), to refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and local young people who need these skills to help further their futures in education and employment. We support people over the age of 17. Our location accommodates 8 teaching rooms, each supporting 12 students per class.

Who are we?

ELSH has been active since March 2015.

We are proud to have established a fantastic learning environment for our local vulnerable young people (NEETs), which allows us to support and help them grow confident, boost their self-esteem and give them the opportunity to develop the learning skills and knowledge they need to progress on to further studies.

We also support asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants and assist them into the integrating them into our local community. We signpost them to other professional agencies to overcome traumatic experiences that some will have experienced during their journey. 

ELSH has developed learning for lower level education free of charge by teaching the various aspects of the English Language (Speaking, Reading, and Writing). We encourage, mentor and observe to assure continuity of support in the development of basic functional skills. We also provide basic innovation and guidance about local agencies and community organisations that help asylum-seekers, refugee children and families and help them overcome the barriers of the language and settling within the local community.

It is of the utmost importance to assess and identify the learning difficulties faced by some of our students that have never attended formal education with a less academic pathway.

ELSH volunteers are trained to provide additional opportunities with extra one to one support to boost the emotional intelligence and avoid unnecessary mental health problems. We provide a safe learning and supportive environment which promotes social and learning-related education.

We offer work experience, work placements and training.

ELSH encourages you to visit us and find out about our free service. You will be introduced to our volunteer team, tour the HUB/Centre and take a look around our facilities.

Our Mission

We believe every person is created equal, but until our vulnerable young people, (NEETS), and the asylum seeker, refugee, and migrant communities learn English, they will be considered an underclass. Therefore, here at ELSH  we provide our students with basic English language skills, as well as helping them to develop mathematical learning strategies, all so that they can successfully integrate within the larger community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop learning strategies by helping our students to better organise their time and to attend problem solving sessions or help with completing application forms and signposting them to other organisations.

Our Goals

At ELSH, we want all our students to leave with the ability to communicate with well-spoken English, along with a unique skill set that will enable them to continue their journey. We want them to possess their Education passport of further education, training and employability skills that will enable them to pursue exciting future careers that will play an important part in the Barnsley area.