Welcome to our community-based, educational charity of young people, ethnic minorities, including refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. ELSH is always excited to welcome newcomers into our creative mix. Considering joining the Educational Learning Support Hub? If you do, you will have unlimited access to our training materials, along with the opportunity to be supported by a close knit group of inspired members.

ELSH brings communities together through English.

ELSH's projects are as much about learning as they are about giving. Our programmes are designed to incorporate learning the language and something about the local culture. All our programmes include asylum seekers, refugees, and E.U migrants where applicable to learn basic language courses as well as other 'cultures'.

English classes and Learning for Life are our main aim to help our students to settle into our community. These opportunities and services will provide a stabilisation and to settle down. To help individual understand their own right and become knowledgeable with their own privacy and dignity of choice. To have an opportunity to speak the language, and to continue to further studies, training and future career opportunities and jobs prospect.

We are based at 205-207 Sheffield Road, Barnsley, S70 4DE. 

This Year's New Plan: 2020

  • Inspired to aspire Charitable Organisations and other Big Funders to support our work. ELSH has the overwhelming feelings to create local part time jobs with sustainable income that will provide us with the security of a permanent base in Barnsley.

Our motto here is "Learning Giving Experiencing". Our projects are not just about funders giving or we are taking. We try to make sure that our projects are a balance between what funders give to support the work we are providing is linked with the use of learning, settling teaching, encouraging, helping with commitment and to provide education resources.

ELSH's goal is to make a positive difference to the lives of people whom are willing to learn, play, become creative, control something by themselves, and communicate effectively with positive and confident responsibility to society.

  • ELSH puts mental health high on their agenda in order to support its clients who are suffering with stress, physical exhaustion and anxiety from their journey. To recruit more volunteers to help with the referral to professional organisations. it is essential that people receive the support they need as early as possible, before it is too late.
  • ELSH want to make a positive impact through initiatives that support local communities and the environments: This year we will prioritise tackling physical exercise, working together as a community outreach programme, engaging local communities, helping people to understand the physical aspect of using our allotment in a regular basis to promote Health and Well-being.