We're led by a dedicated, experienced and voluntary board of trustees.

Joe Hayward

Joe was educated at Birmingham university. He became Mayor of Barnsley in 2025/6 and I have been a councillor for Cudworth 20 years. Joe is the Armed Forces Champion for Barnsley. He sits on many many boards as a trustee. Joe is also the Chairman for the Northeast Area Council Barnsley.

Sue Shaw

Sue has been with her present organisation for the past 12 years, seeing her change roles internally. Sue joined the organisation as a finance operative, she is now involved with the day to day running of the organisation and overseas the most of the contracts. Sue likes to Spend time with her family and enjoys the company of her grandchildren.  

Bob Britton

R.K(Bob) Britton has lived in Barnsley for over 40 years, and has had a varied career as a teacher, overseas aid worker, university and college administrator. He is is also a writer and illustrator. He has also been a part-time tutor in adult education with Sheffield University since 1993 

Alan Curtis

Alan was flattered to be asked to become a trustee of ELSH, but he been liaising & working with Florentine for a couple of years, now. He is currently secretary of the Amnesty International group in Barnsley & of Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary: He is also, temporarily, secretary of 'Destination Barnsley' until the festival in July. Alan is a delegate to the TUC Retired Members' Forum, via my union [UCU] where, until recently, Alan was sec. of the Yorks & Humber retired members' branch; He also a member of the National Pensioners' Convention, via Barnsley Retirees' Action Group [BRAG] who started the 'Freedom Riders' travel campaign while he was the then chairman. Formerly he taught French & Music in Barnsley & for the last eighteen years he taught Music in Barnsley College. 
On Monday evenings, Alan is learning German to keep his brain active…

Kathryn Wild

Kathryn has been involved in the Voluntary Sector since returning ‘home’ to South Yorkshire in 2011, specialising in volunteer management, small group support, community development and online social movements. Previous to this, Kathryn was a history teacher, working in the English, Thai, Spanish and Swiss education systems. Outside of the day job, as well as her role with ELSH, Kathryn is part of the management committees of Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Group and Escafeld Events. Kathryn is also a published author.

ELSH Objectives and Goals

ELSH is working to promote community awareness and a response to the needs of the young people through ongoing projects.

  • To recruit volunteers to support the vulnerable young people, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.
  • To provide training that supports volunteer programs
  • ELSH provides a safe and enjoyable learning environment
  • To deliver the required resources that boost knowledge and confidence.
  • Volunteers at ELSH encourage students to use multiple resources, (e.g., the use of our internet, visit to the local supermarket and the local library for more resources) to improve their understanding.
  • ELSH works with other Network partners.
  • We listen to our students and try to understand their learning culture which helps our teacher volunteers develop improved learning outcomes.
  • We support their education to learn English and Functional Skills.
  • We help students develop independent learning by researching and collaborating as a group. This has been an effective strategy for their learning.
  • Some students have prior professional qualifications that can be used to help them incorporate new knowledge.
  • We promote their welfare and well-being.
  • We help them integrate into the community by making small changes that result in big differences in their lives.

An ELSH goal is to provide a friendly and welcoming environment that every student will feel that they have a real opportunity to develop further learning skills. The basic role of the ELSH volunteer teacher is to provide effective instruction for students to learn and be able to demonstrate their learning. We treat all questions, views and concerns seriously and with respect. We have experience and records that our student growth and deeper learning outcomes are developed by continual teacher interaction and assessment.

Our curriculum of introduction to basic English and Functional Skills courses has been helping students develop skills that encourage more effective learning in the future. Students who are motivated and interested in learning are usually more successful. ELSH volunteers are working to help increase student motivation and engagement in learning and development.

ELSH has establish strong links with professional agencies, organisations, institutions and other volunteer groups that work locally with refugees, asylum seekers and NEETs, for referral and continuity of educational learning skills.