Florentine Bootha-King 

Project Development Manager

Florentine is the founder of Elsh. She has a specific interests in helping and supporting the community to enhance learning  and in the modelling of behaviour and the developing of teaching spaces. 
Florentine's extensive teaching career began in 2010, working as an Ofsted registered childminder. she continued her career as a french tutor in 2013 in a variety of schools. she has a BA Hons degree from the university of Huddersfield, focused on the role of an Early years professional she then subsequently gained a PGCE. Her Masters Degree is in International Education Development. Her research interests is mainly focused on NEETS study managing change in supporting Young people, through changing, settings and practice, looking at the process of change and how it is managed.
Florentine has been Volunteering for the past 10 years as a Home Start Volunteer visiting families, also with the National Youth Association as a volunteer visitor for young people and care leavers. 
Florentine has been doing CPD (continuous professional development) in Curriculum Development and Assessment, especially in TESOL and ICT. also within Informal Education and working with young people and other minorities from other countries. 

Lucy Platt

Volunteer Coordinator/ Employability Tutor

This is Lucy and she have been at Elsh since the beginning of February. she is our coordinator  but really will do anything that is required including taking classes at short notice, attending meeting internally and externally. She is a qualified tutor in Health and Social Care and Employability, she is also competent to deliver Warehouse and Logistics Apprenticeships. She also has her Level 3 Assessors award (TAQA) and is in the process of Achieving her Internal Quality Assurance qualification. Lucy is a single mum of 2 and has a partner who is also a Motor vehicle engineering tutor.  

Klodiana Bushamau

Volunteer Science Tutor

Klodiana is our Science tutor. She qualified as a teacher of Science in Albania and is well liked and respected. She plans her lessons prior to lessons and embeds and promotes Maths and English. She gets on well with both volunteers and students. Klodiana started off being a students here and is now a tutor here. 

Julie Martin

Volunteer Talk English Tutor

Elsh provides learning and study for vulnerable individuals and is working towards reducing inequalities and or isolation to build a strong organisation. Julie is a volunteer tutor for the Talk English course. the course is for speakers of other languages to learn and improve their English. Through the course the learners are able to build important life skills. Julie plans embedded individual and blended learning for groups and individuals and regularly assess the learners work.  Lessons are planned prior to learners attending the course. Julie ensures that ELSHs policies and procedures on Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion  are implemented and adhered to at all times, creating a stimulating and safe learning environment. Julie can emphasis, engage and motivate learners in their learning. Julie has a commitment to equal opportunities and use a variety of strategies and practices to promote the diverse cultural and equality issues in the classroom. Julie communicates to a range of audiences (verbal, written, ICT or other media teaching methods to encourage learners to develop self-esteem and respect for others.

Hazel Green 

Volunteer English Tutor

Hazel is currently retired from Adult Learning after a number of years working within the department as a Adult Learning Tutor in Literacy and Numeracy. At the present she is Teaching Esol to students within our Learning Support Hub. 

Joanne Dingle 

Volunteer Admin Assistant

Joanne volunteers at Elsh on a Wednesday and Thursday on our admin. She is polite and courteous and will offer her assistance when we are busy. Joanne helps sign new students up to courses, Meet and greet not only other volunteers and students but also visitors and trustees. Joanne is confident in her role. She answers telephones, checks emails and keeps the area in reception clean and tidy. Joanne is a valued member of our team.

Richard Kershaw

Volunteer English Tutor (Intermediate)

Richard teaches to a combination of asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants. his lessons are aimed at learners at beginner and intermediate levels and are designed to develop all aspects of English language learning - speaking & listening and reading &writing. Richard always aims to make his lessons interesting and of direct relevance to the lives of learners in Barnsley. He encourages students to interact with one another so as to best put their English language skills into use in class. Most of all Richard aims to make his lessons fun because when we enjoy learning we are likely to learn more.

Pooja Ramchandani

Student teacher 

Pooja is on teaching placement from Northern College. Pooja is a Maths teacher at ELSH. She has  a Master’s degree in Finance and Commerce. She is currently pursuing PGCE in Adult and community Education. Teaching at ELSH helps her to help adult learners from a varied backgrounds. Many of our learners have come to UK from other countries and find it hard to integrate in UK because of inadequate English language skills. We at ELSH makes them ready to start their new and successful life in UK with confidence by giving them lessons in English and other necessary skills like Maths and ICT. In Pooja's Maths Lessons, she make it a point that she embeds necessary English and ICT skills and help them to gain the most out of lessons so that they also increase their chances of gaining Employment.

Yolanda Zate

Volunteer Accountant

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Eugine Tenghe Awa

Volunteer IT Tutor

Eugine is qualify as Accountant and volunteer in teaching ICT skills to our students. He helps students understand the basics of computers and skills that will help boost their their employability. He equally Assist in with the website administration 

Misty Smith

Volunteer Receptionist

Misty is a receptionist who had too much time on her hands. she also volunteers in a shop, with next to none communication with customers. she always has music on and reads too much. 
She knows a bit about most things and is always willing to know more

What we do!

We address the needs of our young people who will NOT attend traditional schools / college because of low self esteem, self worth and confidence. Special attention is given, on a one to one basis, by our teacher volunteers who motivate and encourage young students to re-engage with mainstream institutions.

Our provision of ESOL education is aimed primarily at lower level non English speakers who cannot attend mainstream educational services. Student assessments will take at the end of each term by the appropriate teacher and on attainment of a level 2 qualification can be signposted to the appropriate school / college.

Part our well-being approach to ethnic minorities and young people is to engage in group activities at our allotment in Barnsley where cultural differences in food production can be practiced and discussed.

Who can come?

Anybody can access this Educational Learning Support where we will help you Improve logical thinking concepts and develop independent strategies for future Education, Learning and Job Prospects.

ELSH is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of social inclusion among young mothers, teenagers not engaged in education, migrant workers and asylum seekers, who are excluded from society or parts of society, because of their social and economic position. By the provision of educational support in functional skills and drop in support, we will help them to develop and gain new skills and confidence.

A). Membership of the Group shall be open to any individual without regards to disability, political or religious affiliation, race, sex or sexual orientation who is:
  • interested in helping the Group to achieve its aim
  • willing to abide by the rules of the Group and
  • willing to pay any subscription agreed by the Management Committee.
B). The membership of any member may be terminated for good reason by the Management Committee: Provided that the member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Management Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.